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“We started by hitching a ride to Emerson with our daughter and walked 170 kms of the trail home to Winnipeg
(omitting the flooded parts by the Red River at Emerson, and part of the trail through St. Norbert). We spaced our
walks according to where we could find friends and B and B’s along the way. The trek took five days. Partly we
wanted a physical challenge for our 60-something bodies. We’d enjoyed a month-long pilgrimage on Spain’s
Camino de Santiago two years earlier, and we pined for a long local hike. We wanted to absorb the geography, flora
and fauna of southern Manitoba close-up at 5 kms an hour—not speeding along Highway 200 at 20 times that
speed. We also had to satisfy our growing interest in the history of white settlement in the mid -nineteenth century;
the Trail was a key part of that saga. On all counts, the hike fit the bill amazingly. Sore feet notwithstanding, for us it
was Manitoba’s best-kept secret in stay-cations. Kudos to the Crow Wing Trail Association for its careful
maintenance and clear signage on the trail, and best wishes as you keep developing this treasure! At a time when
light carbon footprints and healthy living are gaining traction, this is an option we’d highly recommend.”
–Byron and Melita Rempel-Burkholder, Winnipeg