Trail Conditions


Our maintenance crew has been out and about checking and maintaining the trail this summer. Trail conditions vary depending on weather, so be prepared for anything.

Red River Floodway to St Adolphe:

Currently, the trail that follows along the floodway is under construction. There is maintenance being done on the hydro lines, but trail users are still able to pass underneath them to access the trail. The rest of the trail is good on a dry day, but can be a bit more difficult on a windy day.

Niverville to Mennonite Landing:

Even after a rainfall, the trail was easily biked. There are a couple locations that you may need to dismount, but is otherwise a smooth ride.

South of St Pierre-Jolys:

A section of the Camino trail has recently been mowed and a rock clearing has been cleaned up to allow for some breaks if needed. There was some bear poop found on the trail so make sure to be bear aware. There are quite a few mosquitos, as well.

North of Ridgeville:

Trails have been cut and we cleared one of the ponds of water spanning across the trail.

US Border:

The trail running directly along the US border has yet to be baled by the farmers, so be prepared to walk with your bike. An alternate route could be to follow the 1st Mile road and then loop back onto the trail if you want to avoid the long grasses.

Surrounding Emerson:

We recently mowed along the trail beside the train tracks and the farmer’s fields, and to the abandoned cemetery. It’s now a beautiful trail to both bike or walk.


We’ve updated some of the signage in Emerson, but the majority of the trails’ conditions are highly dependent on the weather. Be prepared for some mud after rain or just on a humid day. You can also search for the East path along the Red River that is in great condition to admire the river wildlife.



About Trail Maintenance

Maintaining a Trail of this length and diversity of terrain is a challenge.

In 2012, we undertook a pilot project to determine what it would take for a Maintenance Crew to maintain the Trail from one end to the other each year. The report became our guide for the next 10 years. A crew of 2-3 people maintained the entire Trail from Emerson to the Red River Floodway. Two passes with a rented tractor and mower, general clean up of trees and branches in bush sections, weed wacking, straightening and replacing of signs. These duties took place from late June to September.

In 2020, the pandemic resulted in increased usage, including during the winter months. More volunteers got involved bringing new ideas. The goal now is to make it easier for local people to be stewards of trail sections close to where they live. Diverse skills help solve trail challenges, improve response to trail users’ suggestions and work on improvements as needed. If you are interested in helping out, contact us at [email protected] .

The Crow Wing Trail is still young and is a work in progress. We appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you to all who are getting involved and who use the Trail!