About Us

The Crow Wing Trail is the longest section of the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba. At 200 km, it connects Winnipeg to Emerson through the municipalities of Ritchot, Niverville, De Salaberry, St-Pierre-Jolys and Emerson-Franklin. It closely follows the route of a Red River Ox-Cart Trail used in the mid-1800’s.

For years, the Trail was tucked away in history. Since 1999 however, it has enjoyed a revival in interest thanks to the Trans Canada Trail dream. Today’s Trail connects communities using country roads, community parks, bush and pasture trails, dikes and road allowances. The result is a 200-km adventure with a rich history, diverse geography and friendly communities.

For those living in an urban setting or outside of Manitoba, the Crow Wing Trail provides a multi-use pathway allowing a connection with the natural world in this part of the province. While much has changed with settlement, many areas remain as they were hundreds of years ago.

The Crow Wing Trail Association Chemin Saint-Paul Inc.
is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers responsible for the building, maintenance and promotion of the section of the Trans Canada Trail between Winnipeg and Emerson. Our board consists of municipal councilors and people at large. We depend on Trails Manitoba, Trans Canada Trail and other partners to help us in this enriching endeavor.

Heritage Map

This historical map of the Crow Wing Trail was created for our trailhead signs. The look is from the canoe route maps designed by St-Pierre-Jolys and internationally known artist Réal Bérard, when he worked as illustrator in the Parks Department of the Ministry of Tourism, Recreation and Cultural Affairs of Manitoba. Réal guided the work and design. The content was taken from the document “The Heritage Landscape of the Crow Wing Study Region of Southeastern Manitoba” by Edward M. Ledohowski. The maps are bilingual. The cost is $20 (plus shipping). You can find them at the Steinbach`s Mennonite Heritage Village or contact us directly.


JANUARY 22nd, 1999,
the Rural Municipalities of Franklin, Ritchot and De Salaberry, the Town of Emerson and the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys held a joint press conference in Emerson to announce that the Trans Canada Trail had officially accepted the registration of the Crow Wing Trail as the route of the Trans Canada Trail from Winnipeg to Emerson. The new route is to follow the historical Crow Wing Trail used in the late 1800’s.

MAY 24th, 1999,
the Crow Wing Trail Association chemin Saint-Paul Inc. was officially incorporated. It later received charitable status. The Town of Niverville and the Roseau River First Nation joined the Association a few years later.

Strategic/Action Plan 2018-2023

Mission Statement:

To improve, maintain and promote the Crow Wing Trail as a public recreational trail.

Vision Statement:

The Crow Wing Trail/Chemin Saint-Paul is viewed as an asset to Municipal/RRFN partners known and used as a multi-use recreational trail.


Respect for the Environment. Economic Development. History of the Crow Wing Trail/Chemin Saint-Paul and the Roseau River First Nation (RRFN) along the trail.

Long-Term Strategy:

To be the leader in sustainable trail development and maintenance throughout Manitoba.

Strategic Directions:

Maintenance, sustainability, marketing and promotion, liaison, partnership and advocacy, leadership.