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Paul KrahnAs if this race isn’t challenging enough, organizers are giving racers an option to go further and possibly deeper. Going south to the Senkiw Suspension Bridge adds distance and possibly more snow to slow you down. (Maybe that won’t be an issue this year????) You have to admire these people for their courage and tenacity. One of them wrote about his experience in a famous magazine. Click here to read all about it! It’s on page 115!

The race starts early at the St. Malo Arena, goes to Senkiw Bridge and comes back to St. Malo before continuing to The Forks, stopping in at these checkpoints along the way: St-Pierre-Jolys Sugar Shack, Crystal  Springs Hutterite Colonty, Niverville Arena, St. Adolphe Fellowship Church. Cheer them on along the way or stop in at one of the checkpoints to chat with volunteers.