Virtual Donor Board

Thank you to all the donors who support the Crow Wing Trail Association in its endeavors. This is a national initiative with local input and flavor. Monies raised go towards the maintenance, marketing and interpretation of the Crow Wing Trail. Annual financial statements are available through our annual meeting documentation.

Bridge Planks: There are 3 bridges on the Crow Wing Trail that bear the names of those who purchased planks to help raise funds for the construction of these important links: (1) Senkiw Suspension Bridge (2) St. Malo Volunteer Bridge to St. Malo Provincial Park (3) Frog Pond Bridge in Parc Carillon, St-Pierre-Jolys.

The following have purchased metres of the Crow Wing Trail from 1999 to 2004. Monies were used to help with the building of the trail. We are now actively selling metres to help with the ongoing maintenance and promotion of the trail.

Town of Emerson

Altona Credit Union – 120 METRES

Pohl, Vera L. – 2 METRES

RM of Franklin

Sawatzky, Randy & Maureen

RM of De Salaberry

Army, Navy & Airforce Veterans – 10 METRES

Bugera, Murielle

Bugera, Larry

Bugera, Ivan

Bugera, Daniel

Bugera, Jacqueline

Bugera, Valerie

Chaboillé CDC – 17 METRES

Curé, Émile & Ginette

Desrosiers, Maurice & Marcelle

Dubois, Étienne

Ewonchuk, Peter

Godin, Paul & Laurene

Gosselin, Louis

Gosselin, Lucille

Graupner, Dave

Gray, Anne Marie

Grunthal Lumber – 17 METRES

Hébert, Denis

Hébert, Laurent – 2 METRES

Hilland, Lorraine

Jubinville, Roland

Judith’s Books

Mitchell, Robert & Carolyn

Pidlaski, Patricia

St. Malo 4H Club – 2 METRES

Sie, Ray

Silverthorne, Blaine & Marguerite

Village of St-Pierre-Jolys

Audette, Ernest & Aline

Bodenstaff Family – 4 METRES

Closson, Claudette – 7 METRES

Closson, Noelle

Closson, Shannon

Desharnais, Armand & Claire – 10 METRES

Desharnais, Henri – 3 METRES

Dewart, James,

Ewonchuk, Stacey

Fontaine, Gérald

Forest, Camille & Juliette – IN MEMORIAM

Gagné, Carrie

Gagné, Ray & Anita

Gagné, Roland

Gagné, Trish

Goulet, Elzéar – IN MEMORIAM

Hébert, Fern & Co. – 3 METRES

Hébert, Kalyca-Lyn & Co. – 3 METRES

LaBossière, Aimée

LaBossière, Daniel

LaBossière, Edmond

LaBossière, Francine

LaBossière, Joanne

Lavergne, Nicole R.

Lavergne, Raymond P.

Lavergne, Renée L.

Lavergne, Stéphane R.

Le Routier Restaurant – 3 METRES

Marcotte, Irené et Léa – IN MEMORIAM

Musick, Simone

Musick, William- IN MEMORIAM

Rioux, Flavie – IN MEMORIAM

Rodrigue, Robert P.J.

St-Pierre & District 4H Council – 3 METRES

RM of Ritchot

Rutherford, Valerie

Shay, T

Crow Wing Trail – community not specified

Laberge, Gilbert M.B.

Laberge, Yvonne M.H.

Leather, Kathleen & Winston