A great way to walk or bike the entire Crow Wing Trail from Winnipeg to Emerson, one section at a time. The 200-km trail has been broken down into 11 sections, ranging in length from 7 to 26 kms. Certificates of Completion will be provided to those passport holders who submit their passports with all 11 sections having been stamped by local participating businesses and self-stamping codes. Documents to download as .pdfs: 1) Poster French 2) Poster English 3) Passport (2 pages)

Side 1: Color coded map with on-road and off-road descriptions; provincial roads, points of access and community amenities; 65 Points of Interest 

Side 2: Information on trail, use of passport and trail; individual section information and stamp space; Certificate of Completion Request Form

How to get a passport? Online: Download and print passport .pdf above. (Note: printed version is 30” l x 24” w); by mail: Email us at [email protected] Cost $10.

Thank You to Our Sponsors