The Crow Wing Trail is one of the longest sections of the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba. At 193 km long, it connects Emerson to Winnipeg though the municipalities of Emerson-Franklin, Roseau River First Nation, De Salaberry, St-Pierre-Jolys, Niverville and Ritchot.

Empruntez cette ancienne piste pour chars à bœufs. Il était autrefois le principal chemin entre le Fort Garry à Winnipeg et St. Paul, au Minnesota. Au cours du 19e siècle, ce chemin longeait la rive est de la rivière Rouge, suivant le tracé de ce qui est aujourd'hui devenu l'autoroute 59. Cette piste fait aujourd’hui partie du Sentier transcanadien, entre Winnipeg et Emerson.

Celebrate the Connection of the Trail!

2017 is a big year for Canadians with our 150th Anniversary. And the Crow Wing Trail Association, along with our partners at Trans Canada Trail, have another reason to celebrate:The Great Trail will finally connect us from coast to coast to coast. People across Canada are celebrating on Saturday August 26th!

Help celebrate this great event by walking or cycling the Crow Wing Trail! Just follow the blue signs/white arrows. Pick a section of the 193 km of trail and enjoy with family and friends! For our Access Points Click Here. Download The Great Trail App to help you on the trail. Click here.

Free Trans Canada Trail promotional items are available during regular office hours at our partner municipalities’ offices: Ritchot, Niverville, De Salaberry, St-Pierre-Jolys, Emerson-Franklin and Roseau River First Nation. First come, first served.

AND, free t-shirts for pictures taken on the Trail on August 26th. Send with your contact info to: .

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193 km


Easy - Difficult

Trail Surfaces:

Dirt, gravel, grass, asphalt


Hiking, walking, running, off-road biking, horseback riding where permitted, cross-country skiing in a few locations

Nearby Communities:

St. Adolphe
La Rochelle
St. Malo
Roseau Rapids